Knowing well the dealers rakeback

Written by Super UserPosted in: Gambling News

The dealer revenue is a fee, which all the poker rooms charge from the players to run their business. This dealer revenue is mostly collected from the players on the pot for the hand and is mostly limited to a certain amount.

Some of the poker rooms offer rakeback to the customers. This rakeback is mostly a percentage of the rake paid by the players. The poker rooms do this to retain the customers and the increase the loyalty of the customers towards the casino.

The dealer revenue varies heavily and is charged as per the poker room, it applies in the brick-and-mortar as well as online casinos is mostly charged 5%-10% of the amount of money bet by the players in the game of poker. The collection techniques varies in a brick-and-mortar and online casinos as the former involves a dealer to collect the revenue whereas the latter has some special software, which does all the job of collection of revenue for the poker room from the players.

For players, wishing to make the most out of their poker experience, it is better to know and understand this dealer revenue first before playing a game of poker.